This is the place to do some gentle spying if you only know one of us. Or if you’re the spying type.

Just to get this out of the way: we met on Tinder.

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Born and raised in Southern California, Isabel lived in rural Iowa and un-rural New York City before settling in Portland, Oregon in 2013. Isabel dabbled in art history and improvisational comedy before settling in the unlikely field of healthcare administration. When not yelling about healthcare, she watches horror movies, cooks, or gets too worked up about podcasts. She also waters the plants.


A multi-musician and dedicated beverage professional, Daniel has recently begun to pivot from bar managing to psychology research. While balancing work and school, Daniel also nurtures Maddy the cat and Porter the dog, both of whom love him more than they love Isabel—no contest. Daniel hails from Yolo County (!) California, and moved to Portland before it was cool. If you want any kind of opinion related to the National Basketball Association, he is your guy.